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Sep 27, 2014
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Hey Everyone

I know a lot of people use the forums as a a way to seek advice after (or during) a failed brew, or to seek consolation after another yeasty baby is used as libation for comrades who died on the toilet. I include myself in this list, so I'd like to know this: What do you consider the greatest beer you ever made? I know some of our community have won awards for their brews, and some are professionals, but I'd like to know what you consider your greatest brew to have been, whether accidental or intentional, emotionally significant or humdrum.

Frexample, my own favourite was my Sour-mashed Rye ale, 'Rye Bogle'. I was just experimenting with Rye at the time, so was unsure about how it would turn out, I even had to add a little Lactic Acid powder at bottling, but it went down a treat. I took it to a friend's BBQ as my contribution and there wasn't a bottle left of the 5 gallons by the end.
A beer I make that o would put up against 90% of the IPA's that I've tried I call Ardennes Summit

2 row

Wyeast Ardennes yeast

FG 1.012 OG 1.070

It has personal significance for me because I've been a musician for 21 years and I can tell when someone is truly blown away by something or if they are just being nice. This beer gets some great compliments.

I worked on this recipe for a full year before nailing it with the yeast change from London ESB to Ardennes.

It's going into its first competition next month.
Imperial Raspberry centinial blond .can't remember the grain bill. It was pretty much BM cent blond but I up the base malt to 10 and another one higher.
I've only brewed 20 batches, though I feel more experienced than that would suggest. Thanks to HBT for that, BTW. I feel this place has greatly accelerated my learning curve.

My LHBC has throwdowns every so often, and I've entered a couple beers in them, but part of my problem with that is that to win, I must brew to a style, rather than to my taste.

I figure any beer I brew where I'm sitting in the local pub wishing they had MY stuff on tap or in bottles is a winning beer. There are certain beers I never expect to brew (Belgians, for instance), because....I just don't care for them.

I have two "greatest" beers--one's a Rye beer that is just...wonderful. The other is a California Common brewed from a recipe I got from CatCaddy66. I am just stunned with how good it tastes.

Will they win awards? Probably not--especially the Rye, which is a rare category. Are they some of the best beers I've ever tasted? Why, yes they are. I am cognizant of the "it's my baby" effect, but others are liking them too. When people have a second pint or bottle when there are other options available, well, that's my measure of success.
I was stunned at how good my clone recipe of Westvleteren 12 belgian ale came out two years ago. Super complex and richly flavored, it was a sippin' beer for sure! The only problem? I split a 5 gal batch with a buddy! Next time I make 5 gal for myself... Bwahahahahah!!!
A honey wheat that I thought was infected. Let it sit in the primary for a couple months till I got the gumption to throw it out, but instead it was amazing. Now it's a regular repeat of mine.
My best and greatest beer to date was my "Lap Dog" Czech Pale Lager. This was my first Lager, and has caused me to veer away from drinking and brewing primarily IPA, and APA. It is entered in a competition and I should find out how it did this weekend.