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Come on! You're not a true engineering nerd. Tolkien created them around the time of WWIi. They're ancient "tree" people representing the battle against evil, time, progress and nature.
OK, edit, that's weird. HBT told me I had no new posts, until I posted a reply, at which point 5 new posts were there.
That weren't there before.
Yes I'm having a beer after a bike ride, after sawing limbs (I was gonna say logs but at what point does a limb satisfy the criteria for logdom?)
Hey @paulthenurse , is this you after getting biffed into the woods?

Cool! I saw a link to that this morning right before we lost power the first time and never got back to it.

I've gone around that lake so many times in my life there's no way to count. Occasionally got lunch next to it. Occasionally took one of my boys to court and back next to it ;)

Always wanted to see if there were fish that could be caught but it's been a "backup reservoir" forever, even now with most of Marlborough on the MDC...
This is sad. Think of the old gahden but for college. Built by the same person. Saw many hockey and basketball games there. One of my life regrets was not having the $25 for the student tickets to see Stevie Ray Vaughan there. Also first arena the bruins and celtics played in

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I get it - it's almost like tearing down Fenway. But I have to say it sounds like it's time for Matthews to make room for a superior venue for future college players and their fans. You can bet the alternative isn't to keep playing there, it's to build something somewhere else and then let Matthews molder to an ignominious end...
I agree. If you look at the seats it's something you don't see nowadays. Then I remember being behind columns with no views just like Fenway. I'm all for progress. I'm sure if you ask the kids using it today they'd say it's a dump. I still love an old "barn" tho. If you thought the old garden had barn doors.....

I grew up in one of the smallest towns in MA. I remember watching basketball games in there and thinking it wasn't not much a step above.
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BB did the DFH deal awhile ago, so they're both under the same corporate umbrella.
I can't imagine them being split now...

[edit] It's looking more and more like corporate kite flying going on.

Having tired of getting biffed into the ditch stateside, Mrs Rog and I are currently testing the biffing prowess of drivers in the Italian Tuscany countryside for a week. Pray for my abandoned English bitter currently finishing up in the basement as Mother Nature turns up the heat to Satans gizzard levels.
Holy cow! 90-something and humid AF out there, I had to find and repair a cut anchor light ground wire on my boat and was only outside for 40 minutes but my shirt and shorts were totally soaked in that short time. Nasty! 🥵
I had a strong downpour for about a minute. Not enough for the garden, but I water it daily. I’m losing hope again this year for the garden. About half has been chewed on by that f’n ground hog. Most will survive if it’s left alone, but I don’t think it will leave it alone.

Maybe this will be what happens to the groundhog.

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