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The last giveaway in the 10 year Anniversary Summer of Giveaways has come to a close. We saw a lot of entries this summer as we celebrated our 10 year anniversary. That's coming a long way from our humble beginning 10 years ago.
Check out our first "Why is this Forum so Dead?" thread. You'll get a laugh out of it. There were only five post 10-19-2004. Yesterday saw over 2,000.
I get asked a lot for some basic community information. So here it is. Thanks go out to Irrenartz for this great idea.
Our Top Posters in order are Yooper, GilaMinumBeer , and IrregularPulse while the top three forums are Beginners Beer Brewing Forum, General Beer Discussion, and Recipes/Ingredients.
The first year saw 293 members sign up. Of those 293, 18 are still active not including myself. Here they are.
bandt9299, BigEd, Brewer3401, compact007, Daves69, DesertBrew, Dude, ESPY, homebrewer_99, jcole3201, Ken Powers, kmeeks, mlsuggs, QldKev, Rhoobarb, smashed4, and tamzarion.
By the end of the month we will have had 190,000 members join up.
Now for what makes us great. These are the top ten threads from the past 10 years.
Show us your Kegerator

Man, I love Apfelwein

Show us your sculpture or brew rig

What are you drinking now?

Cheap & Easy 10 Gallon Rubbermaid MLT Conversion

Funny things you've overheard about beer
Mr Beer - Read all about it and ask questions

Ebay aquarium temp controller build
Centennial Blonde (Simple 4% All Grain, 5 & 10 Gall)

Yeast Washing Illustrated

After a decade of HomeBrewTalk I can say I've learned a ton, made lifelong friends, and I hope you have too. Whether you joined us last week, or helped us get started, HomeBrewTalk is a community and it takes all of us to make it the place it is today. My personal and heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who has contributed to the community, and brewing. The first written words were a Sumerian beer recipe. We are living history, stewards of beer for the generations to come. Thanks for making that legacy possible.
I've only been here for a while but here's hoping for 10 more years and that i'll be able to wish you 10 more then!
I'm glad you guys like it. I'll put out more in the future if the interest is high enough.
Very cool.
That "why is this forum so dead" thread is hilarious in retrospect.
I'm a complete nuuub, and already in love with this place. It's been a wealth of information for a new brewer just starting up. Even built my own wort chiller with instructions from here!! :D
Cheers to many more years!
Congrats and thank you Tx, my favorite site and the one I'm on most of the time, HBT and ST-Owners... That's my addiction.
Great last two years, even if use of adjuncts is still miserably low
And I thought I was a post whore with 28,677 posts & counting since 2/19/11. I stand corrected. Congrats to you major post whores for all your contributions. I've learned a lot on here. good thing I'm like the Frugal gourmet with my brewing notes. All those little personal notes with the facts are making for a new book. Keep it up folks, this definitely is a great place to be as a home brewer.
Congrats on 10 years! My first go to site for reading and knowledge every day! I hope to be here in 10 years to be able to congratulate you on 20 years!
I might not contribute a lot of useful information, but I've had a blast here and have gotten some great info (and trades) from this place. there's a reason why so many people sign up every day. and, surprisingly enough, it's not because my awesomely awesomeness. it's because of all of yours.
Thanks to TxBrew and all the rest of you who post here. I joined a few years back and have basically learned to brew here. There's still a lot to learn so I'll be paying attention. Hopefully I have made a couple of useful contributions as well.
I lurked here for a bit before I ever signed up and I still lurk more than I post.
When I started brewing I had no computer and everything I knew about brewing came from Charlie P. I was happy to do it half assed and make decent brew for a dozen years. Then I started screwing around with my own recipes and eventually landed here. Because of info I've gleaned here, I've gone to a whole other level of brewing and it's still just as fun as it always was.
Thanks for a cool community and a metric ****-tonne of good info.
Wow,10 years is a long long time for me.Wish you another 10years!
New here too. I can't believe the wealth of knowledge that is all over this site. I am pumped to learn more than the home brew basics!

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