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Aug 11, 2008
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Bremerton, WA
I want to say thank you to all those that continue to post their great ideas on these boards for lurkers like me to take the plunge. After 2 years of sitting on the fence, the opportunity arose to where I could build a keezer in 3 hours. Once SWMBO got tired of the chest freezer she authorized the purchase of a standup freezer. At this, I jumped at the opportunity and with some slick convincing (I made this for her and she loved it), she let me get a complete conversion system from must the guys at Keg Connection are top notch. Anyways as you all say...a post isn't a good one without pictures. Here is my humble simple two tap system. I can fit 4 kegs in there and will do so but am spending my money on a used B3 system that just came into my radar :ban:


- for the complete keg conversion system with 4 kegs, 2 perlicks, associated lines, temp regulator, and a dual output regulator -$500
- for the wood and other trimmings - $20
- Hef on tap already - $30
- wife happily sucking down 7.5% abv tasty (and sweet) cider and saying it's ok to plunk the cash on a new Brew Sculpture - PRICELESS!

Thanks again everyone....keep the posts up

Rob I need to research mash efficiency and all that jazz :D