Temperature increase towards end of ferment

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Jan 23, 2014
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At the moment I only have two spots in my fermentation freezer for my 6 gallon fermenters. I brewed 10 gallons of a golden ale last weekend and this has been fermenting pretty strongly with US-05 at 64F in two buckets for a week. I haven't taken an SG reading but I'd expect most of the initial fermentation is done.

With US-05 I usually ferment my ales at 64F for 2-3 weeks before crash chilling and kegging but I'm thinking I would like to get another beer brewed this weekend so I'd have to take one of the golden ales out and leave it in my basement at 73F. This is towards the upper end of the recommended temperature range of US-05.

Since most of the primary fermentation is done do you think I will introduce any undesirable flavors into my beer leaving it to ferment a bit warmer for the next week? Should I just have some patience and brew next weekend instead?
You will be fine. Most of the flavor from yeast happens in the first few days.

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Agreed...I actually slowly raise my ale ferm temps to the mid 70's once the main activity subsides. As mentioned all the flavors/off flavors happen during the initial growth in the first couple days.