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Apr 4, 2017
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Hi Folks,

New to the forum and first post so bear with me, it's lengthy. I've brewed about 4-5 NEIPA's recently with pretty good results for a very new brewer. There is really just one thing I've begun to notice about them, the flavor is very similar regardless of the hops I use! After reading a lot, other experiences with NEIPA, I believe it has to do with the yeast. I can add recipes (link from brewersfriend) if needed, but will start with my fermentation process:

- Mash, Boil, Cool, Aerate...
- Pitch yeast at 67F in controlled chamber (cubic freezer) with temp control probe attached to SS Brewbucket via painters putty
- I have been dry hopping twice, first at 4 days in and the second either in keg or in fermenter
- At first dry-hop when fermentation is slowing, I generally let the chamber rise to 70-71 based on info read to finish attenuation
- Finish, take sample, gravity reading, keg, and set-forget carb

The taste I've noticed to be incredibly consistent has been with both Wyeast 1318 and Omega DIPA. Literally, same flavor, different yeasts.

It's a fruity mix of banana/peach/orange or something (forgive my pallet). Although the taste is not bad and the beers have been very good, I'm not tasting the hops differentiating the beer enough. It tastes like almost the same beer with different mouthfeel (trying different grists) and I'm using different hops.

One hypothesis I plan to test is a lower fermentation temp. I'm wondering if my probe is reading cooler than it is in the fermenter since it's stainless. I wouldn't think so, but maybe at higher temps I'm getting more fruity, yeast esters and it's overtaking my hops... Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated! Looking forward to being involved on the forum.
The fruity esters from higher temps. ( which I personally like in many styles ) will not overpower the (crazy) amount of hops used in this style.

Can you give us some examples of recipes you used, from grain bill, hops and fermentation temp,. hop schedule, etc.?
Thanks for the reply! Below are links to the last 5 that I've made (brewersfriend). Don't get me wrong, they're different beers because of different hops and such, but I do detect a real similarity in the flavor which tends to overpower hop differences. Should I not expect drastic hop differences? Maybe I'm not using enough hops? I do use a relatively standard mash, whirlpool, and dryhop process which is listed in the notes.

(edit) note: all are 2.5-3 gallon batches.

Try doing the first dry hop during active fermentation (~day 2-3).

Check out the Treehouse thread on the fermenation forum.
Try doing the first dry hop during active fermentation (~day 2-3).

Check out the Treehouse thread on the fermenation forum.
Thanks Cevan, I will try that next time. Do you have a link to the thread? I intend to dry hop earlier and up my hop additions in whirlpool and dry. Though I feel like ~7oz in a 2.5 gallon batch should be good..