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Sep 6, 2007
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Bethlehem PA
Whats the best way to maintain temp with two stages (heating and cooling)? I have a refrigerator hooked up now with a ranco 1 stage controller. So i am thinking if i replace it with a 2 stage i can use it to heat and cool, since there are often times where i would need to do both. The question is, whats the most effective way to get heat into the refrigerator? A space heater? The reason i need to do it is because in the winter my basement is in the low to mid 50s, which is too cold for ales. I also want to have control to do temp raises during fermentation of Belgians, which in the summer time i would likley need to cool in the begining of the fermentation and heat in the latter part.

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I've heard of some people use light bulbs (the tungsten type), but I'm not sure how much heat it would emit, though 80% of the wattage is heat (infra-reds). So a 100w bulb emits 80w of heat, you may try to transfer that to BTUs to compare to heaters and such.