Temp Control via Z-Wave

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Feb 16, 2014
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Looking for a way to simplify the BrewPiLess / Tilt builds and use my smart home outlets to actually control power to the pump in my water bath.

My preferred setup would looks something like this:

Tilt Hydrometer <> BLE <> RPi <> ZWave <> HUB <> Outlet > Pump

Brewfather or Fermentrack would log / display the output of the Tilt.

To control the outlet remotely, a ZWave shield or board would need to added to the sensor build.
A quick search of Amazon found these options:
Z-Wave.Me RaZberry2 - Z-Wave Plug-On Module for Raspberry Pi (US frequency)

Z-Uno - The only universal Z-Wave board to create your own Smart Home devices

or a USB dongle a la

Linear HUSBZB-1

Has anyone tried this out yet?

To me, this seems like the next logical step for ferm/temp control dev to go. You could control valves & switches and log data without having to physically wire sensor and controller in the same location. Other than the obvious advantage to fewer wires and less soldering on your part, it seems like this solution would scale, allowing multiple devices to be controlled independently.

I could see a situation where the RPi sits in a closet with your zwave hub and you could ferment a batch nearby while simultaneously running an automated brew day session, controlling pumps, valves and heating elements.
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