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Jul 16, 2020
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Has anyone ever used Teamaker Hops before in home-brewing?

I just put a 4-Gallon batch of a Cream Ale using small amounts of Centennial and Teamaker @ 60 minutes, small amount of Teamaker @ 30 minutes and another amount of Teamaker @ 10 minutes. All dried whole leaf hops.

I know 4 gallons is an off size, 5 & 3 being more of the standard, well, I’m shooting for a higher ABV on this one!

Today makes Day 3 of 14 of Fermentation

It’s now a waiting game to see if my calculations were close. It’s also my first time brewing a Cream Ale, that’s just not the style I’m into, but again with the research, my styles were limited if using Teamaker Hops.

I started by steeping 3 gallons of hop-tea for 10 minutes just to check the intensity of flavor and aroma of the Teamaker Hops I have and calculate how much to use per gallon of water.

Nothing went to waste! After that process I had several gallons of Teamaker Tea with it’s natural preservative and antioxidants!

Half of that I also steeped with some Black-Tea, something I read about that’s becoming quite popular, and expensive in the Tea Community!

Both Teas were really good,