Tasted fermenting lager, few questions

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Dec 31, 2006
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I made a sam adams boston lager clone and it has been in the primary at 50-54F for about 16 days. There are a few clumps and some bubbles on the surface still and I took my first reading today. It came in at about 1.028-1.030 and the beer was at 52F. I think with temp differential it makes it about 1.023?

I didnt take an OG reading because I pitched the yeast before I took one (dumb). Would this type of beer be almost done? I also drank the sample and the color was great, the flavor was a tad watery but very smooth, no diacetyl at all. I did notice an eggy smell of the sample that did not come through in the taste. I know this is normal with most lagers, so would that be another incidicator it is still chugging along? Thanks!

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