Taste: Green Apple or Vinegar ?

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Dec 18, 2008
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I can't tell what the taste of my beer is: It's either Green Apple or vinegar-ish, kind of both I think. It's sour, but I can drink it without spitting it out.

I know green apple taste means keep it and age it, and vinegar means dump it due to a bacteria.

But I can't figure out the taste. It is sour, but could be either green apple or vinegar. I can drink it, but I'd rather not. The first sip is vinegar, the smell is sharp, then the next sips are just more like green apple sour.

2 weeks in primary, 2 weeks in secondary, 6 weeks in bottle. Nicely clear, with yeast tightly settled in bottom. It is a cream ale, 7 lbs extract and some hops. 1.04/1.008.

There is no visible sign of infection. Carbed nicely in bottle, no foamers.

Maybe I'll just pack it in the basement for 6 months, but if it is an infection, I'd like to know so I can dump my all my plastic.