Tansfer to secondary?

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Mar 14, 2005
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Vancouver, BC
Hey all,

My first time transfering to secondary. The beer has been in primary for a week now, but it got off to a slow start (took 30 before i started to see the start of a krausen) and I still see a bubble leave the airlock every 15 seconds or so.

So do I transfer now or wait a little longer?

Also, do I transfer any of the trub or krausen into secondary, or try to avoid as much solids as possible?

Jan 7, 2005
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Twin Cities, MN
It's time to transfer. I transfer either when 5 days comes, or when the majority of the krausen has fallen or 7 days no matter what. Bubbling every 15s is fine; that's basically 95-98% complete with its fermenting. A gravity check could validate this.

You're looking for a clean rack so you avoid as much crap as you can getting into the seconday. I typically put the racking cane all the way down to the bottom side and you'll get a little blast of stuff transfered which is perfectly fine. Just leave the cane in the same spot to minimize stirring it up on the bottom. I even tilt my primary when I get towards the end of the rack to get a wee bit more beer. You'll have plenty of settled out trub in your secondary as well which is normal.