takeing the AG plung need help

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Nov 28, 2006
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well im going to start getting my AG equipmet heres my shopping list so far.
i know i will need a o2 system a mill and a scale

Hurricane Burner and Stand
Deluxe AGS - 10 Gallon cooler sytem w/false bottom and sparge arm and hoses
Kewler Thermothingy
Kewler Kitz Thermosight
Brewmometer - 1/2" NPT (2)
28" Plastic Paddle
and a 15 gal keg kettale for about 175 is that good?

well i just wanted to know what i would also need and anything here i wouldnt need


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May 21, 2006
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Adams, MA
You don't need ALL of that. O2 system is nice, but there are other ways to aerate. You don't need a mill, just buy what you need, when you need it, pre-crushed. You can start out batch sparging and not have to worry about a sparge arm; just get a $30 rectangular cooler and a conversion kit (or build your own). If you can get your hands on one, it's easy to convert a keg without buying one. A sight tube is nice, but not critical - same with having a thermometer built right in.

Nothing wrong with the list you've put together, but you can be making damn good AG beer with half of that equipment.

1. Cooler converted into a mash tun, with SS braid (total cost ~ $60)
2. Keggle with weldless bulkhead fitting
3. Propane burner / turkey fryer (can substitute for keggle)
4. Immersion chiller (or CFC)

Some other small things, like thermometers, etc., but you can get going AG for less than $200. If you start with a turkey fryer and later upgrade to a keggle, the pot will still be useful for heating sparge water, etc.

Bernie Brewer

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Feb 2, 2006
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Eldorado, WI
I'd have to agree with Bird- you don't need all of that stuff, and the stuff you do need can be had for pretty cheap if you're willing to be patient and do as much of the grunt work yourself as you can. Keep an eye on Ebay and craigslist for round coolers, etc. Or you could just go down to Wally World and get a rectangular one, if you don't mind being limited to batch sparging. That's a popular method here, and probably the cheapest method of building a mashtun. You might want to check out some of the threads on this site on the subject- tere have been a ton of them. good luck!


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Oct 22, 2006
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Duluth, MN
Are you set up to do full boils right now? If you are, you really just need a cooler with a braid and bulkhead. I made the jump from extract to AG for about $50 because I already had a 8 gallon fryer. Of course, the mill came soon after.

I would hold off on the O2, unless you have a bunch of cash laying around. I recently did a designed experiment using aeration, temperature, and starter vs. dry yeast as factors, and aeration had the least impact.

If you are planning on eventually fly sparging 10 gallon batches, you might as well buy the stuff to do it right now.


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Jan 17, 2007
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St. Louis, MO
Yeah, I consider myself an avid (albiet, inconsistent) AG'r.

I just finished my second AG batch in as many days and I have three cornies in the basement conditioning

No mill (I have it delivered crushed).
No O2 system...I have two 7-gallon buckets I pour 1/2 the batch back and forth...froths up nice.
I have a 7 gallon brew pot...5 gallon batches are my preference cuz I like a variety of styles (it would take me forever to drink 10 gallons...like at least two weeks :))
A 15 gallon keggle is nice, but I'd suspect you better have the whole false bottom and spigot setup...