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Jun 21, 2014
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I am selling One (1) Complete 15 Gallon Brewing System from Synergy Brew. I am selling this for $2600. I have used it a handful of times and want to upgrade to a larger system, so I am looking to unload this quickly. I am located near O'Hare Airport. Pick-Up or May arrange delivery if local within 100 miles of O'hare Airport !!!

This system includes the following Features and Options:

- One (1) 40 Plate Counterflow Heat Exchanger
- Third Burner Added Under Mash
- Two (2) S.S. March 809 pump w/ valve
- Two (2) Stainless Drip Proof Housing for S.S. March Pumps
- Site tube on HL tank
- One (1) Mounted On Board Water Filter
- One (1) Maple Mash Paddle

To learn more about this Awesome Brewing System from Synergy Brew... Please Click on the links below:

Thank you