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Sep 8, 2014
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Decided to give up brewing for lack of available time....for now. Selling my Synergy Pro Pilot 15 gallon system.

Synergy 15 gallon Pro Pilot System includes:

3-Stainless Steel 15 gallon kettles with triple clad bottoms complete with sanitary clamp fittings, valves, and thermometers.

High-efficiency laser slotted stainless steel false bottom for the mash tun as well as our boil braid hop strainer for the boil kettle.

40 plate stainless steel wort chiller complete with all fittings.

On board water filter kit.

All necessary lengths of 3/4″ FDA Silicone tubing.

Includes 2 Stainless Steel Chugger Mini Max pumps that feature a thermally enclosed housing and a On/Off switch.

Direct Fired Mash tun burner for step mashing and temp corrections (H.E.R.M.S).

Includes 3 100,000 BTU propane burners plumbed into one adjustable 40 PSI regulator.

Sight tube on the hot water kettle

Stainless steel volume measuring tool for calculating kettle volume.

Sparge plate lid, maple mash paddle, lockable casters, grain scoop, hand held thermometer and stainless cleaning pad.

Asking 2800.00

Local Chicagoland pick up.


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