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syl-2352 pid temp controller

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Aug 28, 2013
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This guy has the manual override function that is coveted by electric brewers, I'm looking at a Kal's mimic scenario where the middle PID is basically used just as a monitoring device of the mash tun (hence don't actually control anything so no manual override needed)

What I just bought ( https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f16/control-panel-kit-433362/ )is only a partial setup, I'm needing lots to finish my build... hence...

I'm realistically open to all trades,

Do you have silicon hoses (with 1/2" female QD's) ?
Do you have a March / Chugger (I can add cash my side) ?
Do you have a few Male and Female 1/2" QD's ?
Do you have non manual pid + 3x RTD probes so I can see mash temp as in Kai's electric brewery I DO NOT NEED HEATSINK / SSR
Do you have HomeDepot 10 gallon size cooler false bottom?
Do you have a few spare stainless ball-valves?
Do you have ??

I can add a 25A SSVR + rheostat (NO HEATSINK) and/or cash from me for the right deal....
Ideally a straight swap, no cash changing hands, BUT I can always add cash from my side as needed
You know you want the manual override, lets deal

Don't want to make this an auction where you can outbid someone who posted earlier, PM your trade offers please

Will make trade decision in 1 week unless I get a trade I can't resist (hint: 3x RTD scenario)