Sweet Baby Jesus Pale Ale

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Aug 9, 2006
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Charlottesville, VA
Recipe Type
All Grain
US-05 or S-04
Yeast Starter
Batch Size (Gallons)
Original Gravity
Final Gravity
Boiling Time (Minutes)
Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp)
10 days @ 66f
Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp)
14 days @ 62f
Last time, I finished with a ton of late Sorachi Ace additions, resulting in a nice grapefruit flavor---but this quickly turned a touch too pithy after a month in bottle. So I'm going back to Cascade, partly because I have 2 lbs of it in inventory. I also replaced the special B with Crystal 40 to lighten up the color a bit, and I added another pound of Victory malt in hopes of getting some more toasty notes. I tried S-04 this time around.

Sweet Baby Jesus Pale Ale

A ProMash Recipe Report

BJCP Style and Style Guidelines

10-A  American Ale, American Pale Ale

Min OG:  1.045   Max OG:  1.060
Min IBU:    30   Max IBU:    54
Min Clr:     5   Max Clr:    14  Color in SRM, Lovibond

Recipe Specifics

Batch Size (Gal):         5.50    Wort Size (Gal):    5.50
Total Grain (Lbs):       10.50
Anticipated OG:          1.055    Plato:             13.54
Anticipated SRM:          12.1
Anticipated IBU:          41.2
Brewhouse Efficiency:       78 %
Wort Boil Time:             60    Minutes

Pre-Boil Amounts

Evaporation Rate:      15.00    Percent Per Hour
Pre-Boil Wort Size:    6.47    Gal
Pre-Boil Gravity:      1.047    SG          11.59  Plato

Formulas Used

Brewhouse Efficiency and Predicted Gravity based on Method #1, Potential Used.
Final Gravity Calculation Based on Points.
Hard Value of Sucrose applied. Value for recipe: 46.2100 ppppg
% Yield Type used in Gravity Prediction: Fine Grind Dry Basis.

Color Formula Used:   Morey
Hop IBU Formula Used: Tinseth
Tinseth Concentration Factor: 1.30


   %     Amount     Name                          Origin        Potential SRM
 71.4     7.50 lbs. Gleneagle's Maris Otter Pale  Great Britain  1.038      5
 23.8     2.50 lbs. Victory Malt                  America        1.034     25
  4.8     0.50 lbs. Crystal 40L                   America        1.034     40

Potential represented as SG per pound per gallon.


   Amount     Name                              Form    Alpha  IBU  Boil Time
  1.50 oz.    Cascade                           Whole    5.75  29.1  60 min.
  0.50 oz.    Cascade                           Whole    5.75   5.9  20 min.
  0.50 oz.    Cascade                           Whole    5.75   3.5  10 min.
  0.50 oz.    Cascade                           Whole    5.75   1.9  5 min.
  0.50 oz.    Cascade                           Whole    5.75   0.8  2 min.
  0.50 oz.    Cascade                           Whole    5.75   0.0  0 min.


  Amount      Name                           Type      Time
  1.00 Tsp    Irish Moss                     Fining    15 Min.(boil) 


DCL Yeast US-56 Safeale American Ale Yeast

Mash Schedule

Mash Type: Multi Step

Grain Lbs:   10.50
Water Qts:   13.13 - Before Additional Infusions
Water Gal:    3.28 - Before Additional Infusions

Qts Water Per Lbs Grain: 1.25 - Before Additional Infusions

Acid Rest Temp :               0  Time:   0
Protein Rest Temp :            0  Time:   0
Intermediate Rest Temp :     133  Time:  15
Saccharification Rest Temp : 151  Time:  60
Mash-out Rest Temp :         158  Time:  20
Sparge Temp :                170  Time:  10

Total Mash Volume Gal: 4.12 - Dough-In Infusion Only

All temperature measurements are degrees Fahrenheit.
Had a few of the new batch. I was worried because it finished so freakin' high...like 1.018...but I'll be damned if it's not one of my best. The return to cascade is just awesome...and the high proportion of victory is perfect (that's probably why the fg was so high, tho). I recently got some crystal 10L, I'll probably try that next time, to lighten it up. But the victory malt, there's nothing else like it.
Great American Pale Ale. Hop aroma and bitterness were awesome with a great malt backbone...the Victory malt really shines through and complements the hoppiness.

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