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Jun 24, 2008
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North Dakota
Before racking my Cream Stout to the keg I took a sample to check finishing gravity after over 4 wks in primary & it was at about 1.026. It was an extract and the OG was at 1.052. I usually don't even bother checking until I am ready to bottle or keg. I put it into the keg & purged the air out & put about 30 psi of carbon dioxide in and plan to keep it at 70 degrees for another 2 to 3 wks & check it again. I used the muntons dry yeast that came in the kit. I know that a lot of you on this forum don't care for the muntons but I haven't had any trouble in the past. Any suggestions?


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Sep 25, 2008
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Lafayette, CO
You may have and exploding keg if the fermentation takes off again, but I doubt that will happen. Pressurizing the keg to 30 PSI will probably inhibit any further yeast activity that you might see. If you are really hoping for it to keep fermenting then you may want to rig up an airlock on the keg.

If you kept the primary too cool then you may have had an incomplete fermentation, or you may have caramelized a lot of the malt extract during the boil, leading to a high FG, or maybe the yeast weren't very healthy...

Bottom line: does it taste like green beer should? You might just have a sweet beer. Drink 'em if you got 'em!