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Feb 12, 2008
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Wappingers falls NY
5.5 gallons to be exact. I made BM's Octoberfast last Sunday everything went great. I Oxygenated each BB with a stone and canister of O2 and pitched one pack of So4 into each. Monday morning one was going nicely the other nothing . Came home last night the one that was started was spewing yeast and wort into the Blow off bottle and the other not a damn thing not even surface bubbles.

I had no more So4 just Notty so I was going to rehydrate and pitch some Notty, but then thought to myself why not just take some wort from the one going crazy? So I sanitized the Auto Siphon and pumped about 2 -3 qts from the inactive one to the other and then pumped about the same back ... This morning Both are a spewing like mad sitting @ 64° in two swamp cooler's