Sun hop variety?

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Feb 27, 2010
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Springfield MA USA
Hi i have been doing some reading and am interested in trying the hop variety SUN. It is listed in the BYO Magazine special hop lover edition. Also there is info HERE. I read some specifications on a few other places on the web. Problem is after extensive searching I cant find a supplier who sells any. Anyone used this hop or know if it available to the homebrewer? THANKS
I've never heard of it, but since it's proprietary, you may have trouble finding it. I would just go with Northern Brewer, you can find that almost anywhere.
ZEUS is available from S. S. Steiner's farms. This and **SUN** are quite new varieties. Zeus is grown in large quantity and has become our primary extract hop.. Zeus ranges from 14 to 17% alpha, and we had one field come in at nearly 20%! Sun ranges from 12 to 16%. They are sisters, Zeus yields slightly better in the field, Sun has higher total oils. Columbus & Tomahawk, listed below, are also sisters of Zeus. One noted brewmaster characterized Zeus as more pungent, almost flowery, Sun has given way to Zeus because of its higher alphas. Fortunately these two varieties proved to be more resistant to powdery mildew than other super alpha hops.
I am very familiar with Zeus hops and have 10oz im my freezer from Freshops. I am interested in trying Sun because I would like to experiment with a new flavor and high oil content. Thanks