sump pump chiller

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Feb 16, 2006
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Corrales, New Mexico
This has been discussed elsewhere and can work with any chilling system where you want to use circulated water, but after a forum member asked for a picture of my set-up I thought others might be interested.


What you are looking at is a 2 zone plate chiller with tri-clover fittings. The hot wort goes in on the left and the chilled wort exits to the right near the top. The first zone uses regular water for cooling and you can see the copper and brass inlet and outlet. Note that the water flow is in the opposite direction of the wort flow. The second zone uses ice water that is recirculated in a cooler using the sump pump. This flow is also counter to the wort's flow. The rate of flow is controlled by a valve on the mash/lauter/whirlpool.

This is over kill, but the idea of using a sump pump works well. I got my pump at a rummage sale for $2.
I was looking at my set-up and thought, "that needs a valve." So, I added one. So now I have a wort outlet valve to control flow right off the unit. It pays to have spare parts!