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Tyler Hurst

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Mar 30, 2018
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so every year my wife’s family goes on a week Long Beach vacation and they always make summer mules (a version of the Moscow mule with gin, elderflower liquor, lime, and ginger beer). I want to knock everyone’s socks off and make a summer mule beer. But, I’ve never brewed with some of these ingredients and need advice on amounts. Here is my recipe this far. Also looking for recommendations on the grain bill or primary yeast.

10lbs 2-row
2lbs Marris Otter
4oz cara foam
1oz chinook @60 mins
1oz chinook @flameout
1oz chinook @ dryhop/secondary
(Chinook for pine flavor of gin)
-Here’s where it gets interesting
8oz lime zest in secondary (tincture)
1oz juniper berries @ 15 mins (pine again)
0.5 oz dried elderflower @15 mins (?)
15g sea salt @ 10mins
0.5oz fresh ginger @15 mins (maybe more in secondary? To emulate ginger beer)
1 packet S04 in primary
1 packet danstar Champaign yeast in secondary @ 5 days.

Looking for any and all thoughts and reactions please!
Never used champagne yeast, juniper berries, or elderflower before.
Juniper is the HLB tends to be the safer bet, since you can sort of control the amount of flavor you’d like and pull them out. Elderflower could also go in to the HLB too, or I’d use it as a whirlpool addition as it is more delicate than the ginger and juniper.
I’ve never heard that before though because I use a all in one EBIAB system.

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