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Benny Blanco

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Oct 9, 2007
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Rochester, NY
So, I haven't had a spoiled batch yet (knock on wood). I really hope this isn't my first.

My fermentation on my Wit is almost up and it has a pretty strong fart/sulfur smell. Actually almost identical to the smell I got from brewing Edwort's Apfelwein. I know it was expected for the apfelwein, but I've never smelled this in a beer. I'm a little worried here.

I read somewhere that sometimes Hef's have this smell, but I didn't see anything about wits.

My yeast was White Labs 400.
I wouldn't worry. My own Christmas Ale smelled wretched while in primary, but ended up being quite drinkable. It was almost as if evil incarnate was being exorcised from the wort. You'll probably end up with a heavenly beer.
Try brewing a lager sometime - really sulfurous... I expect your fine and it is a property of the yeast you used although I have no experience with that strain.