Sulfur Smell in Sour Raspberry Cranberry Berliner Weisse

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Jan 1, 2018
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Slave Lake
I'm brewing my first sour Berliner Weisse and it has a strong sulfur smell. Is this an infection or will it clear?

A little background. I brewed an all grain with 50% wheat, 50% pilsner. Kettle soured for 2 days with Lacto Delbrueckii, boiled for 15 min, cooled and pitched US-05. Initial fermentation took off and was clean smelling. After the tail end of primary (day 4 krausen was still present), I added the juices from 1 lbs of frozen cranberries and 1 lbs of fresh raspberries, which I sanitized overnight in a covered container with a campden tablet.

My fermentation temp has been right around 21c/70f the whole time.

The next morning my wort smelled like a fart (sulfur). This evening it still does. Did I get an infection from my fruit addition? Is there any saving it?

UPDATE: I've just read that racking or stirring with copper may solve the problem. I'm thinking of racking to a secondary, sanitizing my copper immersion chiller and gently stirring with that. Any thoughts on this approach as a possible solution?
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