Sulfur smell and kegging

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Jan 11, 2016
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Pacific NW
Hello all,
I'm fermenting a Bo Pilz with Imperial Urkel yeast. It has a huuuge sulfur smell going on. The description says to expect that during fermentation and that it goes away with conditioning.

Normally when I make lagers, I keg after a d-rest and condition in the keg.

My qs; Would kegging this beer after d-rest, while it still has a sulfur smell, be a bad idea? I've used other Czech pilz yeast before but none had this much sulfur smell. The temp range is 52-58f. The temp of wort has been a steady 53f (not ambient temp).

Does the sulfur smell get trapped by the keg?

should I let it ride in the primary until the smell dissipates? Should I RDWHAHB?