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Mar 8, 2010
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Coral Springs, FL
Back in mid April I did a batch with Edworts Haus Pale Ale grain bill (I subbed in Nugget for my flavoring and aroma hops) but I over sparged and had about a gallon of wort left over. Not wanting to waste a potential 12 pack of beer I decided to pitch some washed Kolsch yeast into a 1 gallon jug and racked on top of it.

Fast forward 3 weeks of primary in low-mid 60s and I dryhopped the original beer and was going to bottle this one but I had a problem. It was cloudy as a wheat, and was super fruity and yeasty. I couldn't rack it to a small jug because it was already in my only spare 1 gallon jug, so I had to leave it on the yeast/trub. So I popped it on into the fridge and forgot about it for 3 months then bottled it in mid July. Popped one and did a side by side with my other beer and it pisses me off to say this but it tasted better, although less hoppy since I didn't dry hop it, and is clearer than the original beer with American Ale II yeast. I wish I had pitched the main 6 gallon carboy with the Kolsch yeast now.

I'm going to go have one for brunch.