Successful brew party with my first and second batch

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Oct 6, 2009
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Darien, CT
Just had a successful brew party last night.

Had some friends over and presented my first and second batch.

My first batch ever was a AHS Brown Ale. I brewed this by the book. The result was a very dark colored brown ale. I don't have a chiller so I had some chill haze when I put it into the fridge.

Knowing this, I put it into the fridge about two weeks ago. I lost most of the haze but it still wasn't very clear.

My second batch was a Midwest Hank's Hefeweizen. By spending way too much time on this forum, I learned about late extract addition which I used to brew this batch. It resulted in a brew that was much closer in color to the original despite being an extract brew. I also built a homemade stirplate using the instructions found on this forum and used it to create a starter for the Whitelabs WLP300 yeast.

I know hefeweizen is a summer beer but my wife and I both love HWs so cold weather be damned. I've drank a lot of hefeweizens in my life and while not quite to the level of a Franziskaner hefe, I wouldn't be ashamed putting it up there with a Schneider Weisse or a Paulaner.

The crowd clearly preferred the hefeweizen over the brown ale but I got a lot of compliments. Both beers went great with the jambalaya that I made.

My third batch, a UK ale, is in the primary. I used a full volume boil this time - another refinement in my brewing process.

I am planning to try FWH with a fourth batch, an IIPA.

I am ready to move onto partial mash very soon. Due to time constraints, I may never go to all grain but I wanted to give a shout out to all the senior members for providing all the help and advice.


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May 6, 2007
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Seattle, WA
awesome, congrats on the brews...never really have found a brown ale that amazed me but like yourself, hefes are year around for me...belgian wits too