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Feb 21, 2018
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My first ale has been a success.

Going off of a recipe for creating a simple "medieval"-style ale, I created the mash by pouring a series of boiling water onto the smoked malted barley. The container was insulated with a towel between pourings. Next, I mixed in a gruit made of manuka honey after letting the mash cool over night. I sprinkled in some yeast and let the thing sit for a day and a half, covered by a cotton straining cloth.

Over lunch today, I strained out the barley. It is ready to go and it actually tastes alright. It was supposed to be a small beer (or small ale more like), and a small ale it became. I'll be starting another batch tonight.

I'm hoping to eventually make something along the lines of old mainland Saxon/Low German style ales. The ones with plenty of fruit, nuts, and other unusual ingredients. Needless to say, the Reinheitsgebot sort of ruined ruined ale for us. ;)

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