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The Bone2

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Nov 19, 2007
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Brewed my first batch Dec 1, 2007. Northern Brewer's Nut Brown Ale. Didn't do an initial gravity reading.:( Almost bottled after two weeks in primary, but it bubbled as we watched it the night before we were going to bottle. So, didn't bottle. Let it settle another week. Bottled on Dec 22. Got impatient and popped one on Dec 28. Hardly any carbonation. :( Let it sit, and had a few non-home brews. :drunk: Popped two last night (New Years Eve). Perfectly carbonated, tasted great!!!:tank:

Thanks for everyone's help and support. Have a total of three case bottled, and 15 gallons in primary.
Good work fella. If you can, leave it sit a bit longer. I've found the longer I leave my beers in the bottles the better they taste. Not always easy to do though!

Edit: meant to add that even though carbonation might be where you want it, it's still good to leave the bottles to mature a bit more. There's a limit to how much the beer can or will carb, according to the priming sugar you put in, so don't worry about beer that you leave for a long time "over-carbing"
I have (3) bottled, and 15 gallons to bottle, so, I'm hopefully (hopefully!) not going to suck down the three cases that I have bottled. I am very enthusiastic with my results so far...:fro:

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