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Nov 5, 2007
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For quite some time I have been getting SWMBO into brewing and I have got her brewing with me, she probably has 10 all grain brews under her belt now with me. unfortunately she doesn't really like many of the styles I like to brew and drink.

I have been limited to mainly wheats of numerous variations, as she really enjoys these. This can get tiresome, so I have been trying to branch out and try different recipes to see if she likes them. I have to say that am I am really pleased to say that I have a lovely BierMuncher's Centennial Blonde carbed and tasting AWSOME and she approves very much.

Thumbs up to BierMuncher, on this recipe. It is going to be in steady rotation now. I was a bit concerned that my efficiency was better than expected and that my color was going to be way off. But it is a beautiful blonde after kegging, carbing and pouring.

I have Edwort's Haus Pale Ale, in the primary so hopefully we have another winner with her.

Thanks for the recipes guys, they rock and I wish I had brewed them much earlier than now.