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Mr. Awesome

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Jan 7, 2008
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My first brew was an Irish Red kit from Northern Brewer. It was good, but nothing really special. No head retention, and a good, but not great taste. It definately got better with time, but it always vaguely reminded me of the salty taste that comes from cheap beers like Pabst or Old Style. Only vaguely though.

My second brew is the "Three hearted-ale" kit, again from Northern Brewer. It is fantastically awesome. I cracked open my first one last night after two weeks in the bottles and I can't really imagine it getting better. The only issue with it is the REALLY strong hop smell, which I presume that comes from the dry-hopping. It doesn't taste as hoppy as it smells, but it still tastes really hoppy. And the head is perfect. Really, really good beer.

I'm worried about my third brew. I tasted it while bottling and it tasted vaguely icky on the back of the tongue. I realized that the room I fermented it in maybe wasn't dark enough. The blinds were closed the whole time, but that probably wasn't enough. It might just be fine though, who knows. (It's an Irish Stout kit, again from Northern Brewer).

Just wanted to share about my totally awesome IPA. I'm sad I only have 50 bottles, it's going to go quick...

Dr Vorlauf

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Dec 5, 2007
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Lehigh Valley,PA
Sounds like you are making some good brew ! I wouldn't worry about the wheat beer, I just let it age and those green tastes seem to go away every time ( except for 1 batch - but that was because I left some bleach water in the fermenter. )

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