Success Story - AG - 10Gallon Batch

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Oct 29, 2007
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Austin, Texas
Well.. Success in the brewing process.

I wanted to report a success in brewing my AG - 3rd batch that I have done.

This time I did the Centennial Blonde out of the database. and I went with the 10gal batch. Not really sure why since I have not really been on the mark with my numbers and my water. mainly cause I could I guess and I want to move to 10 gallons

This morning I planned my water (mash in/out and sparge) very carefully and I hit my water levels on the wort and I over shot my pre boil number. I hit 77.6% efficiency.

I got some feeler gauges this morning and tested my barley crusher and the spacing was not even. I evened that out and made an adjustment to be a little tighter. I think that really helped a great deal to hit my mash efficiency. Still looking to get better.

I got a new jet burner for christmas and man I could get that 13 gal of wort going quick. So I am well on my way at least in my mind.

Thank you all again for your posting and this site. Got to love it.



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Sep 28, 2007
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Good to hear a success story. That grain mill will increase your efficiency somewhat. You will like that new burner as well; will cut some time off your brew day.