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Feb 20, 2009
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Clinton, NY
Okay this may be a really stupid question but I bought a Bayou Classic turkey fryer and with it came this thermometer. It starts at 100F and goes to 750F??? What is that about? I saw the same exact bayou classic thermometer with the "red danger zone" area on one of your pics and it started at 0 degrees and showed red zone at 212 boiling. Do I have a stupid unusable one and do I need to buy a new one? Or can I use this one and somehow gauge where 212 is?
dont use a turkey fryer thermometer they are not accurate at all. get a good bi-metal thermometer or a candy thermometer if you are ready and can't wait. Are you doing all grain? extract with steeping grains?
Its got measurements but theystart at 100...150...200... up to 750! What good is that? I wasnt gonna use it but then i saw pics of peoples set ups with the exact same one except their numbers where normal... that was the only difference. And im doing partial mashes now and going to switch to AG soon... going to do some extracts with friends over the weekend to try to hook some brewin buddies so im using extract... just for the ease of things so they aren't thrown off. I know the fryer and immersion chiller will probably already make them think, oh no... cant do this... but i bought em to switch to AG so may as well use em for full boil right?
with extract all you need the thermometer for is knowing your wort is cool enough to pitch. I used a floating candy thermometer when I did extract kits. there are some decent digital ones at Target and Wal-mart
It's so common to find decent digital thermometers on sale for $10 or less now, it's really not worth skimping in this area. My LHBS has regular floating thermometers for $4. You certainly need something that goes below 100 degrees!