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May 12, 2007
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i have been brewing for about a year with no problems, i made the mistake of trying to brew an ale in to cold of conditions. It started out fine but quit perking with way to high of a gravity. I have since heated the wort by placing the pale in a tub of warm water that i keep adding warm water to. It is now perking but way to slow. Since it set iddle for days would areating be a good idea. its reache 80% attention gravity has gone from 6.1 to 2.0 i usually finish at .96 with this recipe?
I wouldn't aerate at this point. You may try to gently swirl the wort in the carboy to rouse the yeast and see if that helps bring the gravity down a bit. But at 80% attenuation and 2° plato, the beer may be done.
being the pig head that i am i listened some what, i didn't stop to think about the yeast sinking to the bottom of the barrol so i did mix it up but i arieated a tad. but i homebrew partially because i'm borerline diebetic and need a dry beer and hainvg a finishing low gravity verses taste i have to go with low gravity, whats a litle vinegar especially when vineagar is said to help diebetics. when diagnosed with diebetis my doctor said no morer beer drink lots of wate, i was lik,e i need a second opionion. well that doctor said the same thing. i drink for recreation, i boat and fish for recreation and only drink water when i get to drunk and fall over board. (lol0 anyway i have accualy noticed that when i drink heavy my sugar levers are lower than when i dont, drink more pee more, pee has sugar in it thus the dr saying drink more water so i guess the sugar in beer is less than the pee but i guess drinking water would be better but who wnats to drink 10 glassed of water a night.