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Nov 26, 2017
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OK so I am down in central america in extreme heat and limited supplies and hit some road blocks and would love advice.

I have 3 5 gallon carboys fermenting and all have a unique set of issues.

Note: My maid threw away all my yeast wrappers I had next to them so I don't have what yeast i used for each (next time i will tape them). I also don't have a hydrometer until next month (lost in customs) and can't get another one in the country.

Carboy 1 - concentrate with preservatives: This one was pumped with sorbates but I dumped in 2 lbs of brown sugar, yeast nutrient, and after the first yeast didn't take hold I throw a second packet in and it's been slow steady for the last 10 days. Bubbling every 5-7 seconds. If I put a light up to the carboy it's still has tons of little bubbles coming up. I'm not that nervous about this one...

Carboy 2 - storebought juice with beer yeast: I had to use storebought juice and used some beer yeast (maid threw away the packet so I don't have the name...)and 1lb normal sugar. It bubbled like it was boiling water foir 48 hours than completely stopped. I let sit for 4 days and it's not bubbled again since.

Question: It was bubbling like boiling water for 2 days, is it done? Is it possible this batch is done already? Are there any issues with me letting it sit? Can it get moldy or go bad if I leave in?

Carboy 3 - storebought Juice with Cider Yeast:
This had a strong start as well but after a few days died down. It's showing a few bubbles in the carboy but only like 2-3 bubbles in the airlock a minute.

Question: Same as #2. Am I just freaking out for nothing?