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Feb 4, 2008
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Downingtown, PA
I am looking at creating my own recipe for an extract strong ale and am looking for comments on it. The recipe is:

Steep of 20 mins:
.75 lbs Crystal 55L
.25 lbs Biscuit Malt
.25 lbs Aromatic Malt

Than add:
9.9 lbs of Light Muntons LME
1 lb of Light Muntons DME
.25 lbs Clear Candi Sugar
.75 lbs Dark Candi Sugar

Boil 60 mins with:
.5 oz Target at start of boil
.375 oz Challenger at start of boil
1 tsp of Irish Moss after 45 mins
.5 oz Stryian Goldings after 55 mins
.5 oz Stryrian Goldings after 59 mins

White Labs WLP028 Edinburgh Ale yeast

From Promash I get 35.3 IBU and a SG of 1.096. I am not planning on drinking this brew until about 6 month after the boil (assuming it will be in the primary and secondary of 2 months total, and bottle condition for the remaining 4 months).

My main concern are the hops used, will the finishing hops just disappear or be over powered by the malt flavor? Should I be using more hops? Are there other hops I should be using (I have those on hand plus East Kent Goldings, UK Goldings, Hallertauer and Tettnang). Is there a better yeast strain I should be using, assuming that it will ferment at 68 degrees.

Thanks in advance for your comments.