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May 5, 2008
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Just got new keggles and dry ran it today. Strike water at 175 degrees into keggle without insulation or preheated and went to 154 immediately but held very nice for about 90 minutes. Can anyone give me a rough idea of what sort of drop will happen with grain for 5 gallon batches -- are we talking double digits etc. - trying to not have to crank up strike higher for time and propane etc. thanks doc


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Oct 30, 2006
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Seattle. WA
You'll have to figure it out for your system and process, I use what John Palmer provides in how to brew (see below). I find it is better to miss a little high on the water in the mash tun, then you can allow it to cool to the right temperature before adding the grain. The formula works pretty good. Just keep track and you'll be able to dial it in. Hope this helps.

Initial Infusion Equation:
Strike Water Temperature Tw = (.2/r)(T2 - T1) + T2

Mash Infusion Equation:
Wa = (T2 - T1)(.2G + Wm)/(Tw - T2)

r = The ratio of water to grain in quarts per pound.
Wa = The amount of boiling water added (in quarts).
Wm = The total amount of water in the mash (in quarts).
T1 = The initial temperature (¡F) of the mash.
T2 = The target temperature (¡F) of the mash.
Tw = The actual temperature (¡F) of the infusion water.
G = The amount of grain in the mash (in pounds).

The infusion water does not have to be boiling, a common choice is to use the sparge water at 170¡F. Then TB becomes 170 ¡F and more water (Wa) will be needed to make up the additional quantity of heat.

How to Brew - By John Palmer - Calculations for Boiling Water Additions