Strawberry (Cabana) that has slowed down

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May 24, 2018
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Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
My brew has slowed down considerably. It is still going, but no where near what i am used to.

It's maybe a 1.5 gal batch with 2 pound of strawberries straight in at primary. No banana yet as i was going to put it in secondary with another 2 pound of strawberries

The yeast was 2 smack packs of sweet mead yeast that were over a year old by the way. I smacked them and left them for 12 days and had them in a liter starter for a couple of days as well and they seemed fine.

TOSNA SNA hit 1/3 at day 5

OG 1.09 at 1/5/19

Today 14/05/19 it's at 1.028

Temps have been around 60-70

Is that ferment be in the range of normal? Would the strawbs be too acidic for the yeast? I was trying for 12-13%

Not sure what to do
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