Strange Gravity w/Honey Brown Ale

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Aug 26, 2007
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Jackson, MS, USA
Hi guys,

This is my third AG batch and my gravity is something very, very strange.

First, I'll start with the recipe:
American Style Pale Ale Mat 7 lb.
Wildflower Honey 2 lb.
Munton's Chocolate 4 oz.
Weyermann Light Munich 8 oz.
Target 6 aau @ 60 minutes
Cascade .5 oz @ 5 minutes

I mashed-in at 155F for 65 minutes, then did two sparges at 165F to get 6.8 gallons of wort.

I put some standard rehydrated Nottingham in the fermenter. I kept it between 64 and 68 F for the past week.

I hit the OG of 1.045 and didn't let the gravity of the wort I sparged get above 1.010. Currently the gravity is 1.032 and there is no sign of fermentation.

It tastes okay, no off flavors or aromas. Should I be worried at this point or let it sit in primary for another week or so, then secondary for another couple of weeks? Or let it primary for another week then rack to a corny to age for a week or so?

Thanks for the help, I'm just nervous I screwed it up somehow...

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