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Jan 6, 2008
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Poconos, PA
I like stouts. I've tried an excellent chocolate stout at a brew pub on the other side of my state. Guinness draught is by far my favorite store bought beer. Only problem is not too many six pack shops in my area reliably sell it. The last Guinness I bought were the surger unit only cans--boy was I pissed when I got home and realized...

I would be happy brewing something close to either of those, and would love to be able to brew something close to Guinness. But can that beer easily be brewed with an extract method? I'm willing to steep specialty grains as I did with my outmeal stout, but I don't want to go for a kit like I did with that beer.

Does anyone have any good irish stout or chocolate stout extract recipes they'd be willing to share?
There are a boat load of stout recipes in that section. If you need help converting a particular recipe to extract you will get help on the forums with that process.
you can search for recipes here if you havnt done that already I know they have a lot of different stouts from cherry stouts to peanut butter stouts. Check it out:eek: