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Nov 20, 2009
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Austin, TX
Recently, based on some feedback from this site, I did a oatmeal chocolate stout starting from a prehopped kit.


1 can (1.8kg) Muntons Mount Mellick Irish Style Stout
1 kg Dark DME
0.75 kg dextrose
500g quick oats
1 block dark bitter bakers chocolate


Steeped oats in 10l (my biggest pot) for 30 minutes and removed.
Brought 10l to boil
Shut off flame
Added can, dme, dextrose, chocolate
Stirred to dilute
Added to primary and topped up with 13l ice water
Pitched provided Muntons yeast immediately (76F)
Primary 10 days (until 1.02 or so)
Secondary for 10 days
Keg and pressurize to 8PSI


A very drinkable stout. Really did not notice any oat flavor, but think (maybe just in my mind) that there was a benefit to mouth feel. Really did not notice any chocolate flavor. Would need to up this next time or find a better source for the flavor. In general, I will be doing this again soon, so I wish to improve upon it.

My questions.....

1. I used a bag to steep the oats, and very quickly had a solid ball of oats. Should I freeboil and strain to get better extraction of starch?

2. My chocolate flavor was too light, I plan to go to 5oz next time. Do not want a milkshake, but would like a hint of the chocolate. My reading on this site implies that 5oz is about the 1/2 way point between 0 and "strong" double chocolate flavor.

3. Anything else one can recommend for the LHBS challenged? Please be easy on me... remember that this is the Beginners Forum.


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Apr 7, 2010
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I've never used oats, but I've read that people roast them in oven first? Maybe search the forums.

Also, it seems to me that the people who liked their chocolate results the best added the chocolate either post-boil or into a secondary fermenter... once again, I'm sure people will chime in with what worked for them.

Yay beer!!:drunk:

PT Ray

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Aug 26, 2005
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I might skip the oats, they really need to be mashed. There are many that steep them and happy with the results. Steeping extracts the beta gluten which gives you that body but at the price of adding starch.

I think you'll have more luck with coco powder. Don't know how much to tell you to use but will it need to be boiled.