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Florida Stout faucet, Refractometer, and ph meter....

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Jun 27, 2010
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I have one never used stout faucet, I bought this from a local guy who used to do the repairs for butwiser accounts around, so had accumulated a ton of draft stuff. It has no handles and a few light scuffs. But like I said, brand new otherwise. 50 bucks plus shipping ( 5 bucks in flat rate box)

This is a WELL used refractometer. A friend who works at a Popsicle factory gave it to me, as they were going to toss it. It works perfectly well, and I have used it reliably for the past two years, and treated it with good care too. As yo can see in the photos it is a bit grimy, the flap is a bit chewed up, and the slide on the inside is a bit crooked, but it is very effective. 20 bucks OBO plus shipping (agian 5 bucks flat rate box should do great)

And finally that same friend gave me a ph meter that they were going to toss. I got this and the electrode was dry and I have had no idea how long it was like this. I don't have batteries with it so I couldn't compare it with my ph meter to see if it was accurate any longer. I checked and the replacement electrode is like 60 bucks or something like that so I figured I'd pass it on to some one here if they want to mess with it. So I have no idea if this works, or if you plug batteries in if it will read accurately, which is why I will let it go for Free, so long as you pay shipping.

email me if you have any questions:

[email protected]

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