Stoudt Fat Dog & Abita Amber Tasting

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Apr 13, 2007
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Last night I tried Stoudt's Fat Dog and Abita Amber. I've had them for a little while and finally got to try them. I thought I'd share my findings...

Soudt's Fat Dog - Imperial Oatmeal Stout
Poured as a super dark/pitch black beer with a very little tan head that receded leaving a small lace in the glass. This lasted a short time and then lacing was gone. Smell of beer was chocolate with very little coffee hint. No hop aroma detected. Tasted a bit of sweet chocolate which dissipated with a slight caramel flavor and hop balance. Alcohol heat definitely detectable. Little coffee flavor came through. Very smooth creamy feel with decent body.

I enjoyed this. Not my favroite oatmeal stout, but definitely a good example. This was my first Stoudt beer and I would definitely try their other beers in their lineup.

Abita's Amber - Amber lager
Poured a slight amber color. Big head formed but fell into a small lacing in the glass. Very light smell of caramel sweetness. Otherwise nose pretty non-existent. Tasted very light caramel sweetnes with no body. Slight toast tones but nothing else. It was kinda tasteless to me.

I didn't enjoy this beer. I like TurboDog by Abita, but not this one.


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Dec 1, 2006
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Doylestown, PA
Fat Dog is interesting...sometimes it's super boozy, sometimes it's excellent. Either way, there are more consistent and, IMHO better renditions on the market.

I am right there with you on Abita.

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