Stony Grounds Choco Porter

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Sep 23, 2008
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Boone, NC
I decided to make a beer with some leftover ingredients and other randomness that was laying around, so here's the end result.

Stony Grounds Choco Porter
(makes 1 gal.)

10 oz. Eden Organic liquid barley malt extract (dark)
1/3 c. steel cut Irish oatmeal
.5 oz. Mount Hood hops
1 oz. Ghirardelli semi-sweet baking chocolate
8 oz. organic cane sugar
Pinch of mystery spice from Israel. Smells niiiice
Wyeast 1056 American Ale yeast (from culture)

- Steep the oatmeal, in a grain bag, for 17 minutes at between 160F-170F (damn it was hotter than I'd like but I can't stress on that)
- Increase heat to begin boil, add LME and stir thoroughly
- At boil, add 1/4 oz. Mount Hood hops
- At 55 minutes, add last 1/4 oz. Hops
- Boil 5 more minutes, to total 60 minutes
- At flame-out, add in sugar and chocolate, stir thoroughly
- Cool wort to pitching temp of ~90 and pitch yeast, used about 4 oz. of activated slurry from my American ale that was just racked today.

- I will Primary 1 week
- Rack into secondary until gravity reads 1.010. Bottle with 1/8 cup priming sugar

Notes from brew day:
- Too much chocolate?? It smells so chocolatey! Ah we’ll see… ha
- Wow a lot of water boils off…
- This might not be a brown… Porter territory? A taste test will tell.
- Very dark looking, a creamy dark brown color. I do hope the choco aroma mellows a bit. Yikes, at least it adds sugar?
- Wish I had my hydrometer. Shouldn't brew without one, but oh well. calculator says this should end up around 1.045 and that's before the chocolate... so I'll guess that's where it's at. I will get about 4.5% ABV I bet.

By the way the Eden Organic barley malt is sold at many health foods stores and works in a pinch. I have only used it once before. Used half a pound of it to stiffen up a mead, while providing some body. I'll see how it stacks up here. Funny enough though the cane is contributing the more sugars than the barley malt, but we'll see how it turns out.

I'll update this thread as time goes on. Take care, and go grab a beer!

Oh, and is this really the best classification for the beer? I figured a porter would work, but I'm not sure. I fits into the ranges for IBU, color, gravity for this type, but maybe it's a brown ale? A taste test will have a lot to do with it.