Stoneware flip-tops I got... where from?

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Oct 21, 2007
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somewhere east on Cape Cod
Two months ago I bought a used chiller, and in the deal were twenty or so flip-top bottles, green ones mostly (G), some brown ones, and two or three stoneware ones, just about the same aspect ratio as the regular flip-top (fat).

Any idea what was bottled in this kind of bottles, or if they were just store-bought without anything in them?

(I will get a pic up, at some point.)

EDIT: they are neat!
Stoneware ones may be Rogue.
I have one that previously housed a Belgian Golden Ale. Called Bokrijks Kruikenbier. Hope that helps :)
I've got a few of those stone bottles as well. Unfortunately I picked them up off of craigslist and have no idea where they came from.
A friend of mine gave me a few of those. I didn't like them because I kept over filling them. They looked cool, but I could not tell how full they were when filling. I gave them back to him, filled with beer of course.