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Nov 8, 2007
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Central Connecticut
Going to brew tomorrow. I have a 2000mL beaker with my starter in it. I was going to pour off the top layer of beer and then pour the slurry into the carboy.


1. How thick is the slurry as far as getting it into the carboy?

2. How do you prevent the stir-bar from ending up in the carboy?

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For #2, take another magnet stick it on the bottom of the flask, it'll grab the stirbar and hold it in the flask.

on #1, I guess it depends on how much liquid is left. There's usually enough that you can pour it without a problem.
Decant most of the liquid, then swirl the rest of it to get all the thick yeast cake back into solution. Might take 30 seconds or a minute of swirling if it's really compacted, but you can do it - or, of course, you can stick it back on the stir plate for a couple minutes instead. Then it'll pour just fine.