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Sir Humpsalot

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Nov 26, 2006
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Think bacon is the ultimate food? I did too...... until I discovered steakon.

Steakon (pronounced: STAKE-in) is better. Steakon is cheaper, MORE FLAVORFUL, and more fun.

To make steakon, you take chuck roast and slice it into thin slices, about a quarter inch. That's about twice or thrice as thick as thick-cut bacon. Heck yeah!!!

Fry it up in half olive oil, half butter. Add a LOT of salt and pepper. Add garlic and red pepper to taste.

Unlike bacon which you have to fry forever, the chuck roast needs about 45 seconds per side to be done medium rare. Much faster than regular bacon.

The result? Well, it's definitely a bit chewier than bacon. I'm thinking you can marinate it for a day to make it perfect. It's sort of like beef jerky. And sort of like steak. And sort of like bacon. AWESOMELY DELICIOUS!!!

I would like to add more detail, butt I am druck now so I think I will just hit post.
Sir, I challenge you to a duel for copyright infringement! Unless this steakon you've described is excellent. It had better be excellent.