Stategy for winning hockey games

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Jun 4, 2006
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UP/Snowbird in Florida
We had two really fun hockey games today! We played some ladies/girls from a neighboring town about 50 miles away. The games were at 10 AM and 1 PM, so we decided to have a potluck between/after games because it's an hour's drive for them.

We beat them in the first game, about 2-1 or so in a close game. Then we had our potluck. Our team didn't really eat- we weren't hungry and no one wants to skate on a full stomach. We did feed their team- chili, chicken wings, spaghetti and meatballs, etc. And of course, my friend brought several gallons of home made wine, and I brought a growler of beer.

In the second game, we kicked ass. I think I skate better slightly drunk. Then, after the second game, we ate and got drunker. I sure do love hockey! :rockin:
Well, I did apologize for that one hit. I hit her so hard that my chest hurt afterwards. I took off my glove and helped her up, and she was ok. They were so full of food that they couldn't really catch us to check us, though.

The funny part is the one I checked that hard is even older than I am! They had alot of high school girls on their team (we only have 2) but they were a little afraid of us old ladies.
We played as kids in Chesaning. on the creeks or ponds, all we had for gear were skates and sticks. That puck hurts when it's cold, the frozen mud bank hurts more. We had hours of fun.
the drinking-skating relationship has a pretty steep threshold though. we used to go drunk (and periodically drink at) our fraternity intramural hockey games. we would be fast and loose in the first period and falling coming over the boards by the third.
Beer is great after hockey; before, not so much. I play for a couple of different teams, and occasionally play two games on the same day.

A couple of years ago I played a playoff game with my regular team earlier in the day. We won the game, and were on our way to the league championships. Needless to say, there was some celebration.

After drinking beer for a couple of hours, I had to suit up for game number two. I was feeling pretty gooded and was revved up for a bit of hockey. As soon as the zamboni was off the ice, I jumped on and took a couple of quick strides across the ice.....

:eek: ....I fell, slid into the boards and suffered a high ankle sprain. I haven't drank before a game since!
sounds like it was a good time all around. unless you were playing for the other team. at least you feed them before you beat them.
Man, I need to drag my gear out of the closet. Too bad the leagues here are so expensive. :( I definitely miss pond hockey growing up in CO. We'd skate all morning, eat lunch, and then skate 'till dark. Good, good times. And of course no gear, like Gnome says.
Is this the official "drunken hockey thread"? 'Cause we just won 10-2, were the underdogs, and I scored a goal. Oh, and I've been drinking.

Beer and hockey is a perfect match, if it's beer after the game, I've let opposing team members lure me to the bars before games...that's a good strategy to take me out of most plays.
i was gonna say good forechecking, and defense men who can keep the puck in teh offensive zone... but feeding them works too. :D
Well, we had some players out, so I played defense on those games. Let me tell you- it's much easier to check someone when they are drunk. Of course, I was pretty shined up too, and only got about two shots on net the whole game. Pretty good, though, from a drunk at the blue line!