Starting on my second batch...

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Nov 7, 2007
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After a successful first batch of weizenbier, I am ready to start my next batch. I'm set on doing a Pale Ale extract kit, and since I have enough bottles to bottle another 5 gallon batch, I will be doing another batch after the Pale Ale leaves the primary fermenter... I'm thinking about doing a nut brown ale that I can let age properly while I'm in charge of drinking my Pale Ale... However, I have never had a nut brown ale, so I was just wondering what you all thought about it in terms of taste, easiness to brew and so on... Thanks
You might try 1 to 4 different brands of Brown ales to make sure they suit your taste before making a 5 gallon batch. They are easy to brew though and generally are recommended for starting brews. I like the Nut Brown variety the best.
Thanks for the reply... If possible I will try to get my hands on some of the commercial styles to see what I am getting into; however, if I decide to do something else I will probably do a porter or a stout since I have had Guiness and sure did like it.
Either one of those are fine beers. You can surely make a better stout than the Guinness that is sold in the States. Try a Samuel Smith brown ale, its very good.
Thanks, I will try and find a couple of brown ale brews next time I have a chance :)