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Aug 1, 2005
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I ran out of extract and my LHS is closed for the next few days. How do I make a starter from the pale malt I use in my AG batches. The yeast I am using is WLP550 Belgian Ale. Thanks for the help.
I would probably just pitch it. I'm not an AG brewer but I assume you could just mash a little grain in a little water and pitch the yeast into the resulting wort if you need a starter. Or you could look at an ethnic food store for a drink called "Malta Goya" it's an unfermented malt beverage that supposedly can be used to make starters.
Call your local natural food co-op, I know that we carry DME and LME at ours. It isn't used just for brewing, I think people use it to make bagels and long fermented breads like sourdough. It is just packaged as "barley malt powder" with no color specification (usually just "light" but it will do the trick.
This is what we carry:
(scroll down to "powders")

When you call make sure that they can specify "diastatic", the other is just a sweetener

a bit if info on that here:

happy hunting
doesn't help you now, but I'll crush 2lbs of 2-row, mash, sparge, and then bag and freeze the wort.

when i need a starter: thaw, put in small pot, boil 10-15 minutes to sanitize, then I pitch that.

I did the math to produce a wort that was right about 1.040 for freezing.

if you have leftover wort from a real batch you can always freeze that too.
I don't remember where it came from so I can't credit the author (and can't attest to its accuracy), but I have a little table I printed off of some website that converts grain to extract. According to the table, 1 lb. of grain would yield the equivalent of to 0.6 lbs of DME. 1.5 lbs of grain would yield the equivalent of 0.9 lbs of DME.

If you try it let us know how it works out.
I tryed a batch sparge with 2# pale malt and .66 gal water @ 153 let it rest for 60 min then drained and refilled with .66 gal @ 170 let rest for 15 min collected runnings and let cool. I was able to collect about 1/2 gal of unhoped wort.
I will post some pics of the small water cooler that I used as a mash tun.